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Test Prep

ACT and SAT scores play a big part in getting into your top picks of colleges. Test prep classes can give you a big leg up not only in knowledge of the subjects in the test, but also in test taking strategies. Knowing what to expect in the exam and tips on narrowing down answer choices can make test day a lot less stressful. Many students are gravitating toward small group prep classes so that they can get more personalized attention to their strengths, weaknesses and personalities.

There are also courses to help with writing the college essay. It helps to know what college recruiters are looking for and what makes your personal statement piece powerful. These skills will also translate to cover letter writing when you start applying for jobs.

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Driver's Education

Don’t Procrastinate! The later you get your permit the longer you have to wait for your license. Learn to drive from current and former police officers the same way they prepare their cadets. First-hand classroom training includes operating radar guns and using “drunk goggles” to experience impaired driving. Once your student has their permit, they are ready for their 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a professionally trained and experienced police officer as the instructor. When your student has completed the 6 hours of required drive time and has held their permit for a full 12 months from the date of issue, they will be eligible to take the drive test with one of our friendly police officer instructors - which is less stressful, friendlier and faster than testing at a DMV office.  Our Drivers Ed Premier Package is everything your teen needs to get their driver’s license!

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Other Teen Offerings

Stay tuned for upcoming teen classes! Previous offerings include 3D printing, Adulting 101 and coding.